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About Us

With over 10 years of hands on experience in the payment industry, our team is specialized in providing the best suitable solution for any online or brick and mortar business to accommodate your financial requirements.

Our goal is to be a one-stop service for our clients and facilitate the best possible solutions in your banking needs, by developing a long-lasting relationship built on trust and professionalism. Our team will support you from day one with your application and throughout the process of your account approval. Once your account is approved our support team will always be by your side to provide you any assistance required throughout the business relationship.

We constantly invest into business development and identifying market trends in order to provide enhancements to the services offered to our clients.

Why Converta?

Easy to use

From your mobile of computer, manage your bank account wherever you go.

with easy access and friendly user experience.

Why Converta?

Transparent Fees

With Converta you know all the time how much you pay, No hidden fees, No small letters everything Is visible and you and you can decide if to use it or not.

Why Converta?

Multiple Payment Solutions

our goal is to bring you as many payment methods, in various of currencies and payment solutions global and local, we keep updating our solutions and try to find the best options to our clients.

Why Converta?

Ability to expand your business globally

Don’t only sell local, now you can sell global and get paid or be paid by your suppliers in local currencies.

Why Converta?

Customer Oriented Service

Our support team will always be by your side to provide you any assistance required throughout the business relationship.

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Designated IBAN Accounts

Get you own IBAN account on your company name. Managing you business financial never was easier .All you need in one platform

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Fx Conversions

Transparent FX fees more than 100 currencies you can change the the one you need and send it out to whom you need

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Receive Payments

Receive payments instantly local and global. Helps you the expand your business and Ables you to work globally and receive funds in many currencies

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Multi Currency

Use your account to pay your suppliers in local currencies through your wallet

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Use prepaid cards to pay you company expenses, affiliates and employees. You can have plastic and virtual cards as your request

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We used the most secure methods, so you know your account is safe with us. We use the latest technology in order to know that your money is safe with us

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Easy to Use

User Friendly dashboard for controlling your payments



Converta is proud to present a variety of multi-currency IBAN accounts that support hierarchical client structures in 25 different currencies.

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